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3 band abdominal bandage

3 band abdominal bandagePicture may differ from the original
3 band abdominal bandage
    our abdominal bandage is made of a 22.5cm high, three band, medium-strong, elastic bandage material with a velcro fastener
    the band system provides good stability of the bandage, it does not slip or roll off the body, the necessary compression can be easily adjusted through the velcro fastener
    a skin friendly soft inside and the padded front provide high wearing comfort of the abdominal bandage
    anatomically adjusted shapes for men and women allow for a perfect fit
    washable bandage (see label)
    with a purchase of 10 pieces per model we grant a special price (11=10)

    Indication: the abdominal bandage is applicable after abdominal surgery, weak abdominal wall, peritoneum injuries, connective tissue insufficiency in the abdominal area as well as pendulous abdomen.
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    Close Velcro before washing!
    Close Velcro before washing!
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