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Gilchrist bandage

Gilchrist bandagePicture may differ from the original
Gilchrist bandageGilchrist bandage
Code: BANDAGE-04250-MM-9
    the Gilchrist bandage is a shoulder bandage for secure fixation of injured shoulders or upper arms in an open way
    the bandage allows for an anatomically correct and secure fit, the skin friendly velours material provides comfortable wearing
    washable bandage (see label)
    with a purchase of 10 pieces per model we grant a special price (11=10)

    indication: this Gilchrist bandage can be applied for distortion, contusion, rotary cuff injuries, periarteritis humeroscapular, luxation / luxation fracture, scapula fracture, subcapital humerus fracture as well as fractures in the shoulder and upper arm area
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    Gilchrist bandage
    Gilchrist bandage
    Close Velcro before washing!