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Shoulder abduction cushion

Shoulder abduction cushionPicture may differ from the original
Shoulder abduction cushionShoulder abduction cushion
Code: BANDAGE-04560-MM-10
    this shoulder abduction chusion provides fixation of upper and lower arm by a velcro fastener, it immobilises the shoulder joint, thus temporarily relieving the shoulder
    the belt system of the shoulder abduction cushion allows for use as an arm rest with possible inclination angles from 10 to 75 degrees
    the low weight and a hand rest provide excellent wearing comfort
    with a purchase of 10 pieces per model we grant a special price (11=10)

    Indication: For immobilisation after implantation of a shoulder prothesis. For treatment of rotator cuff impingement syndrome. For reconstruction after rotator cuff tears. For immobilisation after restoration of mobility under anesthesic for painful shoulder stiffness.
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    Shoulder abduction cushion
    Shoulder abduction cushion

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