MEDUTEX Leiste (Druckverband nach Herzkatheterunte

MEDUTEX Leiste (Druckverband nach HerzkatheteruntePicture may differ from the original
compared to bandage methods used so far, MEDUTEX reduces the amount of strength and time spent on covering up the puncture site
the velcro fastener allows for a simple and fast closing of the compression bandage
due to the specific fit and the wide scope for adjusting, MEDUTEX can easily be used at the patient
the material provides high wearing comfort
MEDUTEX adjusts to every bodyshape, is pleasantly soft and breathable
is useable up to a girth of 130cm
different materials
for standard and ECO versions
Indication: MEDUTEX provides compression of punctured femoral arteries and veins after invasive diagnostics and therapies
washable at 60°, for repeated use
Close Velcro before washing!
size: universal für rechts und links
attention: one-way bandage
Close Velcro before washing!
Kompressorien für Druckverband
Close Velcro before washing!