Postoperativer Stützverband mit Stäben, tailliert

Postoperativer Stützverband mit Stäben, tailliertPicture may differ from the original
Code: BANDAGE-MM-5-04110
the support bandage is approx. 25 cm high and consists of a long-lasting elastic, air-permeable material with velcro fastener
the 2 additional plastic staves provide even more support and compression
the waisted shape of the postoperative support bandage adjust better to the body
a large patch provides comfortable wearing
washable bandage (see label)
with a purchase of 10 pieces per model we grant a special price (11=10)
indication: It is suitable for treatment after thorax or abdominal surgery, general intervertebral disk pain, to relief wounds and rib fractures as well as pendulous abdomen and redression after pregnancy.
Close Velcro before washing!