CNC-milled seatshell foam

CNC-milled seatshell foamPicture may differ from the original
our 5-axis milling machine is able to mill for your specification
we mill seat cushions, seatshells and shells for lying in to your vacuum cast, gypsum or foam model, given scan data
seatshell is milled in two parts (seat and back)
available in four different foam types: RG4070, RG5075, Frame Foam, Uniq
seatshell (two part), foam RG4070
seatshell (two part), foam RG5075
seatshell (two part), foam RG3050
Sitzschale (2-teilig), Schaum: RG3245
Sitzschale (2-teilig), Schaum: RG3555
seatshell (two part), foam RG60200
seatshell (two-part), foam UNIQ