Fastening material and accessories

Fastening material and accessoriesPicture may differ from the original
hexagon socket fillister head bolt, stainless steel V2A
hexagon socket fillister head screw, stainless steel
hexagon socket cylinder bolt (25 per pack)
round-head bolt with nut (25 per pack)
hexagon socket headless bolt (25 per pack)
hexagon socket countersunk bolt (25 per pack)
size: M5x20 mm, Stahl verzinkt, DIN 7991
hexagon nut (50 per pack)
self-locking hexagon cap nut (50 per pack)
hexagon acorn nut (50 per pack)
self-locking hexagon cap nut (25 per pack)
rivet nut (25 per pack)
disc (100 per pack)
threaded rod
phillips countersunk screw (50 per pack)
size: 3.5x25 mm, Stahl verzinkt gelb
locking lever bolt, zinc die-cast (5 per pack)
locking lever bolt, plastic (5 per pack)
size: M8x20 mm
wing bolt miniwing (10 per pack)
wing nut miniwing (10 per pack)
size: M6
stopper (25 per pack)
plastic disc (25 per pack)
size: M8, Weiß
clampable rim protection
square tube 15 x 15 x 1000 mm
plastic hinge
(A x B) mm 65 x 28
clampable rim protection
plastic hinge with clamping
(A x B) mm 35 x 28
distance piece platic (20 per pack)
plastic pipe clip with bolt M5
lock-nut, stainless steel V2A (10 per pack)
size: M6
height adjustment for square pipe 15 x 15 mm with M6 screw
size: 15 x 15 mm